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The newest triva game available is Solve the Emoji which is available on the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, created by Emoji+. This game is perfect for people that love Emoji icons and trivia based games. We have all the cheats and solutions for this game here, which is available on iOS and Android.

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Solve The Emoji Answers Will Keep You In The Game

One of the biggest revolutions in the way we communicate is with each other via smartphones has been emoji's. That's right, why bother typing full words to say what you mean when you have the ability to say it with an emoji icon. Some people even use these icons instead of using any words at all! With the widespread use of these icons it’s not surprising to see an emergence of games and apps that are based on their usage.

One of the best games to play on your iPhone or iPad is Solve the Emoji. Gameplay is simple, you will be shown a series of emoji icons and you must guess what the answer is. The game starts off very easy and even if you are a genius on your smartphone you will at some stage struggling to find the correct answer. Before you know it you will be desperate to find the Solve the Emoji answers. This is where having access to a reputable guide will come in handy and allows you to continue to make progress in the game. Whilst you may be tempted to cheat it's important to realise the game is created for entertainment purposes and is designed to be challenging. Be sure to use this walkthrough guide for all the Solve the Emoji answer.

Have fun and keep progressing

As like many trivia games, Solve the Emoji provides you with the ability to use hints but there will be times where you do not have enough coins. If this time comes and you are desperate to continue you will realise the importance of Solve the Emoji cheats and how beneficial it can be. So whether you are just looking to solve one puzzle or are competing with your friends to see who can complete the game the quickest, you will soon find the game very addictive. If you do find your progress has halted it is only natural to feel frustrated. Remember we have all the Solve the Emoji solutions here.

Everyone will have different levels of knowledge

One of the interesting things about emoji's is that some people are much more familiar with them than others. This is why finding a helping hand is useful as some people won't need as much help, whereas others will need more assistance. If you are luckily enough to have a large knowledge then you will rarely need the answers. However, if you don't then you will need more assistance in order to complete every level. In this regard using Solve the Emoji hints makes perfect sense.

This will prehaps be one of the greatest trivia games you will play on your smartphone, so why not invest some of your time in this fantastic little game.

Game Name: Solve The Emoji
Reviewer: Terry Sinclair
Rating: 4.8